“Her compositions glow and glide in their somnolent and spellbinding beauty…” (The Wire)


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Christina Vantzou is an American-born artist with Greek origins who has lived in Brussels for several years.
Skilled in multiple disciplines, she is constantly active in music, cinema, and visual arts.
Her compositions – described as post-classic ambient music – are profound, mind-blowing, and enveloping, and combine classic and digital instruments.
Always pushing the boundaries between music and visual arts, Christina Vantzou has even invented her own graphic score (a form of musical notation often used in experimental music), drawing inspiration from minimalist abstract art.

She writes singular, minimal music, which she combines with unidentified cinematographic objects – both gentle and sinister – featuring strange characters and dazzling landscapes.
The picture and sound of her performances dovetail brilliantly. With each new interpretation, her compositions take on new life, nourished by unusual instruments that have often broken new ground in electronic music, such as the theremin

She has released three albums simply titled No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 with the niche American label Kranky. A little bird has also told us that No. 4 (naturally) is in the works.

As part of our Pioneers day, the Voix De Femmes Festival has given Christina Vantzou carte blanche. So far, she has hinted at her brand-new purchase, a modular synthesizer, and a 16-mm projector. The rest… we shall find out together. And not soon enough!


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22 oct. 2017 :


Rue Roture, 13


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