« Ott demonstrates a musical intuition that’s truly exceptional. To describe or define the ways in which the music reaches in and touch the listener’s soul is nigh on impossible: it simply does. » (Aural Aggravation)

Christine Ott en ciné-concert

© Delphine Chevalier

Christine Ott is an explorer who forges landscapes and invents new sonic territories.
Gold medallist at the Strasbourg Conservatory – where she’s also a faculty member – she is both a musician and a composer; she is a pianist and a specialist in Ondes Martenots, an early electronic instrument.

When Maurice Martenot first released his Ondes in 1928, he surely didn’t expect that, eighty years later, a bootlegger would push the boundaries of his invention, firmly establishing it as a musical instrument.

You’ve surely heard Christine Ott before, even if you don’t know it. She’s collaborated with countless artists from various genres, from film scores to opera, including contemporary music, theatre and rock (Radiohead, Oiseaux-Tempête, Yann Tiersen, or Noir Désir). She’s an eclectic artistic whose career combines an insatiable curiosity with her full, uncompromising commitment.

Christine Ott’s music is always a journey through the senses, simultaneously un-categorizable, melodic, inspired, and sometimes vaguely disquieting.
Her first album, Solitude Nomade (2009), is critically acclaimed. In 2016, to our great pleasure, she released two new projects: ‘Only silence remains’ and a new score for F.W. Murnau’s Tabu. The 13th Voix De Femmes Festival will be opening with the latter, and it’s undeniably cool.

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