« BUG – like three letters that click and mark a pause. Exactly what happens when you remember a show. A time for meditation, for silence, for diving into a very special universe (…). The life of a woman, her solitude, her view on what has been and what might be… » Sarah Colasse (ékla)

Giulia Palermo et la marionnette Janine

© C. Frastré

Giulia Palermo is an actress, an INSAS graduate, and has been specialising in puppetry for over 16 years. She has mainly worked in theatre for young audiences and street theatre (Zygomars, Zerkiens, Passeurs de rêves, La BIM, etc.) and by continually seeking experiences and learning opportunities, she has learned different artistic techniques throughout her career: shadow play, mask making, puppet making, and puppeteering.

In 2013, she created Janine, a life-size puppet with a statuesque face and a terribly expressive gaze, who became ‘her favourite work partner’. Giulia Palermo and Janine go looking for people strolling in the street, and in parks. Feeding off encounters and experiences, Giulia weaves Janine’s story and gradually brings a show to life.

In BUG, Janine, the puppet, and Giulia, her master, start a poetic dance, accompanied by nothing but a double bass. Without dialogue or anecdotes, BUG is a rare, drawn out moment, in which slowness and silence invite spectators to look within themselves.

BUG is a poetic digression, a show that jolts and moves you deeply, albeit in gentle manner.


Giulia Palermo
Original creation and puppet design
Puppeteer and actress

Alejandro Aymi
Double bassist

Lighting: Frédéric Vannes
Sound: Frédéric Postiau


Dramaturgy and staging: Sophie Museur
Choreography: Raquel Odena
Stage design: Claire Farah
Makeup: Emma Toussaint


In collaboration with D’Une Certaine Gaieté !
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With the support of Tournées Art et Vie, and the Province de Liège.

Participates in


26 oct. 2017 : 20:00

La Halte

Rue de la Casquette, 4


Price : 5€