“From the Mediterranean to the Sahara, from Aurès to Kabylie, Hourisa conveys, with strength and serenity, an image of a beautiful, proud Algerian woman.” (Les Inrocks)

Portrait Houria Aichi

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Mystic songs from Algeria
Famous for her interpretation of the Chants de l’Aurès, today Houria Aïchi is revisiting her country’s holy repertoire. Here and there she has assembled some popular gems, telling the tales of Saints and bringing rhythm to daily rituals. 
‘This collection of songs’, she says, ‘is based on meetings with people from my country, who genuinely and generously wanted to contribute to it. The driving idea behind this project was to offer a wide variety of songs that represent Algerian culture and geography as best as possible’.

While Houria has taken care to respect the lyrics, she hasn’t ignored the spirit. She successfully maintains the mystic essence of these songs and immerses herself in them, conveying the fervour that inspired them with finesse and precision.

Line-up :
Houria Aichi : voice
Mohamed Abdennour : mandol
Ali Bensadoun : flute
Adhil Mirghani : percussion


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28 oct. 2017 :

De Centrale

Kraankindersstraat, 32


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