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No word is more synonymous with the city of Santiago (Saint James) de Compostela than ‘camino’, and this is never truer than when lalma’s four cantareiras sing about it. For close to 20 years, the cantareiras have been playing and singing about their region – Galicia – around the globe.

Spiritual for some, initiatory or symbolic for others, the camino, or route, has always been about making worthwhile connections, discoveries, exchanges, and sharing experiences. With this project, lalma treats us to a one-of-a-kind musical experience infused with Galician culture and traditions fused with the diversity of our modern world.

This musical journey, steeped in the Galician heritage flowing through their veins, is not a nostalgic glimpse into the region, it’s an expression of the openness of the city where they were born: cosmopolitan Brussels, rich in its multiculturalism, a crossroads of the world, where roots meet, interact, share, mingle, and occasionally merge.
Camiño is the clear choice about openness to others, a song about today’s women, witnesses in this troubled climate where respect, tolerance, and expressing different points of view are under attack from all sides.

Voice : Marisol Palomo, Verónica Codesal, Magali Menendez & Natalia Codesal
Guitar : Quentin Dujardin
Diatonic accordion : Didier Lalon

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19 oct. 2017 :

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