« Juana Molina doesn’t imitate anyone, she has too much fun simply being herself » (New-York Times)

Juana Molina - Portrait

© Alejandro Ros

Juana Molina is a phenomenon (and we choose our words carefully)!

Daughter of a tango singer and a music lover, incidentally she has long been an Argentinian television star as well. When she turned 34, she decided to drop everything to pursue music fulltime. Since then, she has recorded 7 albums, travelled the world (notably with David Byrne in 2002), worked with incredible collaborators (Konono No. 1, Kasai Allstars, Deerhoof and more) and won over critics and fans alike.

A singular artist, Juana Molina plunges you into her universe, which is always free, surprising and unnerving, just as she intends it.
Her music, described as ‘electronic folk’, leads us to an esoteric world with its organic sounds, hypnotic loops, mysterious instruments, and curious visual universe. It is a musical experience saturated with an ‘unsettling strangeness’. It’s both joyous and harrowing, simple and puzzling, electric and acoustic, sophisticated and humorous and leaves no one indifferent.

Partly recorded in her garden cabin in Buenos Aires, Juana Molina’s 7th album, Halo, has just been released by hip Belgian label Crammed Discs. We suggest you pick it up when she performs during her European tour.

Pssst! We checked it out for you: big smiles, closed eyes and head nodding guar-an-teed!