The Voix De Femmes Festival invites Kino Liège!

‘About Women’ international creatives conference.
21 October: final night and screenings

Kino Liège formed in February 2012 following a Kino Kabaret organised in Liège. The group brings together cinema lovers who collaborate to create short films, organise projeKtion nights every three months in Liège, throw an international Kabaret once a year, and participate in international Kabarets that take place in other countries.
If you’re a director, actor, technician, musician, costume designer, makeup artist, etc., and you’re eager to meet people in the industry, network or propose/participate in creative projects, feel free to contact us or participate in one of our upcoming events. Kino is a movement open to anyone, whether you have experience or not. Meeting others and creativity are paramount here!

The Kino movement
In Montreal, January 1999, twenty something film buffs set a challenge: they would all produce one film per month before the Y2K bug. The Kino movement was born.
While Y2K never really happened, everyone liked the concept, and Kino has continued over the years. The number of members has increased alongside the number of films. Today, Kino is a global movement with 50 chapters in 14 different countries on 4 continents.
The Kino network sees itself as an experimental laboratory and a launch pad for cinema lovers and is synonymous with free, independent production. Its motto is ‘Do well with nothing, do better with little, but do it now!’

Put together by Kino Liège and Instants Productions.

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