‘Kitty Crowther doesn’t simply tell us simple or complex stories – she brings out the beauty and magic of her worlds. Animals, plants, and even minerals come alive to create one whole magical world with us. That said, she doesn’t shy away from delicate issues just for the sake of giving us hope. Kitty Crowther is very compassionate and strongly identifies with the characters in her books, which reflects the profound humanism that is the main theme of her works’. ALMA Jury

Kitty Crowther lives and works in Belgium. Born in 1970 and daughter of a Swedish mother and English father, she is currently the mother of two boys. Since 1994, in working on her album, she has found a space to express her thoughts and emotions.

‘I’m not trying to write pleasant books, but stories that truly interest me. Besides, I don’t feel like I choose them, they choose me’.

Imbued with mystery and strange beings, her stories lead the reader through a universe of unsettling echoes, where humour and fragility, and an immense tenderness are ever present.

In little time, her work was praised by critics and highly acclaimed in Belgium, France, and several other countries, earning a Grand Prix Triennal and Baobab.
Her books have been translated in over twenty languages, and she is often invited to put on conferences, youth workshops for illustrators and children’s workshops around the world.
In 2010, Kitty Crowther received the most prestigious award, the Astrid Lindgren prize for all her work.

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