« You’ll instantly get used to it, you’ll never get tired of it, and you’ll be flooded by your own personal filmstrip of dusty roads, rusty trains, craggy mountains, and weathered faces. » (Portland Mercury)

Portrait Marisa Anderson

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A virtuoso guitarist, Marisa Anderson single-handedly crosses all the traditional American guitar styles. She effortlessly flirts with their limits. She inhabits them.

When she was nineteen, she left Nevada to bum around the United States, finally settling down in Portland, Oregon, some years later.
Trained on classic guitar but drawing from her diverse experiences (she has played in jazz and country groups, and even in a circus!), her playing is fluid, raw and masterful. Whether improvised or composed, her references range from minimalism to gospel while naturally containing hints of the blues, country, and jazz.

Her fourth and latest album to date, Into the light (2016), was written as the original soundtrack to an imaginary science-fiction Western film. It recounts, in 10 tracks, the tale of a strange visitor lost in the desert.

We can’t wait to get lost with her.
A Marisa Anderson concert is both a lesson in history and a science fiction novel. She perfectly understands the origins of American tradition (‘national parks that belong to everyone’), she reinvents the here and now… and she gives us a peek of what tomorrow could look like.

Her gracious presence and her humour instantly make you feel like you’ve found your home. Marisa Anderson does not sing, but she tells stories better than anyone else.

A Marisa Anderson concert is like a (very) rare bird: she will be at Voix De Femmes for a once-in-a-lifetime concert so be there, or be square.


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19 oct. 2017 :


Rue Roture, 13


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