« A strange creature who makes the floors of lyric poetry creak all while tickling variety. » (Les Inrocks)

Mathilde Fernandez - Portrait

© Raphaël Lugassy

Raised in a family of progressive rockers, from a young age Mathilde Fernandez was immersed in a world of off-beat concerts combining performance and music. The early contact with this artistic milieu influenced her just as much as her mother’s favourite records (Kate Bush) and the school of wise women she so cherishes: Catherine Ringer, Nina Hagen and even Mylène Farmer.
Of Catalan and Polish origin, the Nice native moved to Brussels in 2013 after a time in the Swiss underground scene.

As a theatre actress, she explores the many things her voice can do with an opera singer on her album Live à Las Vegas. A perfect title, inspired by a poster of the great Céline Dion (who else?), song by song, from bass to soprano, this album chronicles the story of a woman who dreams of greatness and America.

Mathilde Fernandez is not your typical diva, and she leaves no one indifferent: either you love her or you hate her. We love her. We laugh way too hard and sing way off key. A friendly tip: don’t miss this show, but just don’t stand too close to us during the concert…


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Boum de clôture

28 oct. 2017 :


Place Xavier Neujean, 24


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