Portrait Rebeka Warrior

© Flavien Prioreau

Julia Lanoë is half of Mansfield. TYA (dark, sensitive, minimal folk) and, under the name Rebeka Warrior, she is half of the group Sexy Sushi (savage, sardonic, harsh excess). Aside from these two adventures, which are almost opposite in musical style, on her own she also explores DJing – though obviously through her abrasive side. On her decks she spins electronic, post-punk, gabber, electro-noise, musk, bizarro, off-kilter … Explosive stuff!

The Reflektor will tremble, the room will turn over – this set closes the 13th edition of the Voix De Femmes festival just.the.way.it.should.be.


Words from the DJ:

I’m going to tell you some essential things about me:
I like cats and music. 
I’m not a calm person at all. 
I’m 1.72 meters tall. 
I hate the government and I feel like I’m living in an ambulance racing to the hospital.
A warm embrace to you all. 


MIX des Sorcières

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Boum de clôture

28 oct. 2017 :


Place Xavier Neujean, 24


Horaires à confirmer

Price : 12/16€ en prévente, 14/18€ sur place