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Zoë Mc Pherson (France/North Ireland) lives in Brussels, where, until recently, people have known her from Empty Taxi. She develops a transmedia project merging organic & electronic worlds, folk & the global digital space. An anthropological take on current day electronica.

In 2017, Zoë Mc Pherson has released a series of compositions for her first album, String Figures, in collaboration with the multimedia visual artist Alessandra Leone.
Associate artist at the Beursschouwburg art centre this year, she plans to release it there on 20 October (as a part of the programme’s ‘The Future is Feminist’ focus, which we no doubt heartily recommend).
And guess when her second performance will be? The 27th in Liège!

The project is inspired by ‘cat’s cradle’, the game where two or more persons make shapes with a string. There are (or were) versions of the game in all cultures of the world, from the poles to the equator. There are different ways of seeing the game, too: a leisure game, graphic art, a prop for storytelling, or a means of divination…
From start to finish, each of the 7 chapters explores a symbolic theme that brings about a wave of transformations wound around a sonorous memory.


i. Sabotage Story (unknot opening)
ii. Deep (prayer)
iii. Shaman (how I became)
iv. Komusar (moving)
v. Hardingfele (release)
vi. Inouï (and free)
vii. Transmission (so it shall never be lost)

Live show
Zoë Mc Pherson – electronics and voice
Falk Schrauwen – percussions
Alessandra Leone – live visuals
Hen Lovely bird – choreography

String Figures

Participates in


27 oct. 2017 : 20:30


Place Xavier Neujeau, 24



Price : 12/16€ en prévente, 14/18€ sur place