Dust off your scout’s gear, the 13th Voix De Femmes Festival is bringing you to unknown lands!

Over 14 days, our merry team is breaking camp to discover new territories. In Liege, the first stop is at Chiroux, then to the lands of its ancestors: KulturA. There will be some bivouacs: among them, the Livre aux Trésors cabin, the Point Culture greenhouse, and the La Halte theatre incubator. Marked by inspiring stopovers in Ghent , De Centrale, the adventure will wrap up with makeup and glamour at the Reflektor. No need for a compass, guides will be provided!

Put together by 4, 16, 32… 57 hands (and not just any*), the programme is also an adventure, exploring artistic landscapes filled with rare and bizarre instruments, cathartic experiences and collective experiments. Here, you’ll hear Indian, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Italian… Here, fabrics are electronic, mandolins are electric, artists are programmers, and spectators are actors. Here, creation flirts with tradition and borders are obsolete. Messages can be delivered without words and silence can be thunderous.

Get away and join the gang! We promise you grand adventures, rich encounters, delightful discoveries and ‘fine dining’ for your eyes and ears. In short, this year’s festival is sure to be a hit!

See you very soon,/

Flo Vandenberghe and Camille Lefèvre

*Shout out to our fabulous planning team: Morgane Batoz-Herges, Hélène Defosse, Tiffany Lasserre, Elodie Dubois, Camille Haan, Emilie Rouchon, Lara Persain and Catherine Wilkin de la Cie Paulette Godart, and our friends from Liège Electronic Archives, D’une Certaine Gaieté, l’IHOES, La Bobine, le Point Culture, les Chiroux, Kino Liège…

Affiche 13e Festival Voix De Femmes