The Vaporellas

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Les bruxelloises de THE VAPORELLAS font du pop rock et se définissent comme « un subtil mélange entre les Ramones et Lady Gaga ». Elles ont d’ailleurs déjà baptisé cette mixture : le Bubble punk.
Leur premier album, Disconnected, a été récemment enregistré dans le salon de Greg Remy (Ginzhu) et mixé par Remy Lebbos (Vismets).
NB : Toute ressemblance avec la marque de fers-à-repasser espagnole du même nom (presque) serait purement fortuite.


Drums, voices, and drums again.
Originally from Nottingham, Katharine Eira Brown and Theresa Wrigley started Rattle as an experiment: With just two voices and two drums facing each other, how far could they go? Answer: pretty far, even if it doesn’t seem like much.
As Katharine explains: ‘It seemed obvious from the start that we didn’t need anything else in terms of instruments’. In fact, it’s this minimalist framework that feeds their imagination and allows them to rethink the way they make art.
The simplicity, a bit of elbow grease, the risk taking: certainly, Rattle has a soft punk soul. Their music is a blend of post-punk, minimalism, and experimental rock, with echoes of electronic music and poetry.
Their first album, Rattle, came out in 2016. The second is in the oven.
Their face-to-face live performance gives them a theatrical touch, and it works! They fascinated audiences across the Channel at the latest Supersonic, Supernormal, and Sin-Eater festivals and more recently, lucky festivalgoers at the P’tit Faystival in our own backyard (their first show in Belgium).
Since not everyone could make it, we’re giving people another chance.
So… a little more drums, anybody?


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