Of Kurdish origin, Hasina fled from Turkey. Khadija didn’t really choose to come to Belgium, but she followed her husband and, thus, left Morocco. In Morocco, Najat dreamt of being a journalist or writer but ‘the circumstances’ dictated otherwise. Many decades before these ladies, Inès left her village in Italy and moved to Liège, for love…

© Souad

Since spring 2012, the Institut d’histoire ouvrière, économique et social (IHOES – Institute of Labour, Economic, and Social History) has held a ‘Life Stories’ workshop with women from Moroccan, Kurdish, and Algerian backgrounds who have registered with La Bobine, a social integration service in Droixhe. The life stories are used here as a means of expression and, by extension, recognition (‘right of domain’) all while raising questions on the evolution of migrant’s living conditions.
In fall 2013, this project formed a bond with Voix De Femmes’s art and expression workshops, which have welcomed this same group of women and focused on their migratory journeys. For, if we can look inward and tell our stories in words, we can also do it with shapes and colours…
And in 2017 this beautiful adventure comes to an end with a great exposition entitled Life stories: migrants tell their stories at Georges Truffaut Hall.

Participating artists :
Ahyan, Aïcha, Choumicha, Esma, Fadila, Fatima, Hada, Hasina, Jalila, Khadija, Nafissa, Najat, Noria, Ouhamani, Radia, Remziye, Samire, Souad, Zobida.

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Co-organised by IHOES and Bobine in partnership with Voix De Femmes




With the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the Wallonia Region, and the City of Liège

Espace Georges Truffaut

Avenue de Lille SN

Liège (Droixhe)

13-17h du mardi au vendredi
10-19h le samedi

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