Opening on Oct. 19, from 6pm to 9pm!

Claire Williams is a digital artist from Brussels. With a Master’s in Textile Design from ENSAV La Cambre, she focuses on personal art projects and collaborates with other artists, engineers, hackers, and tinkerers. Claire Williams also gives lectures at art schools and regularly holds workshops related to her work.

Her projects mix open source textiles, floss software and hardware, hacked knitting machines, electronic and computational textiles… and form part of a more comprehensive look at how digital tools can be repurposed.
She’s obsessed with collecting and expressing data through digital, audio, and textile languages.

As part of the 13th Voix de Femmes Festival from 19 to 29 October, the Galerie Rature will host an exhibition by Claire Williams which, starting 22 October, will include the curious objects created by participants of the Textile AntennasSound Embroidery and Data Knitting workshops. Will we see yours? Don’t worry, we promise you’ll get your precious artwork back! 

In collaboration with Galerie Rature!

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