For the second year in a row, Take Shape studio has remained true to the festival’s identity!
And for the first time (but not the last, thank goodness!), an illustrator has joined the team for the occasion. Meet Cécile Barraud de Lagerie, who put together the landscape for the 13th Voix De Femmes Festival.
So, because 1) people often want to know who’s who and 2) because we’re very proud of this collaboration, how about an introduction?

Cécile Barraud de Lagerie

After a childhood living by the sea and studying in Paris, Cécile Barraud de Lagerie moved to Brussels, where she currently lives and works as a textile designer, colourist, and freelancer, dabbling in many industries.
She likes colours and fruitful collaborations, takes an interest in fashion and politics and would love to have Jean-Claude Ameisen, Pascal Quignard, Lauren Bastide and Ludovic Debeurme sat around a table with some alcohol, colouring pencils, and a voice recorder. And for a bunch of reasons, she also really likes plants.

Her website
And a nice interviewfor the road (in French).

Take Shape Studio

Behind Take Shape Studio, there is a duo: William Togni, graphic artist, and Marjorie Vandriessche, art historian. Since 2014, the studio has developed graphic identities for private, public, and cultural initiatives (the open-air café at Forest Park with Géraldine Taymans, the new face for the ‘Simone a soif’ (Simone is thirsty) drink campaign for the European Women’s Lobby). They have collaborated with Voix De Femmes since 2015, all in joy and good humour. The two loves finding good typographic combinations and creating clear and coherent graphic systems, and you have to admit that’s a bonus.

Their website
And an instragram picture of their cat. Cause we want you to like them.