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Singer, interpreter, author and sound alchemist, Léonore Boulanger is many things in her voice and each song is a journey to new lands. Her lyrics are inspired by French poetry, German expressionism, sound poetry and the OuLiPo movement. She’s been accompanied by Laurent Sériès (percussion) and the guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Jean-Daniel Botta for the last few albums already and a few tours in Europe. Léonore Boulanger lives in Paris, where she grew up, and managers her own record label, “Le Saule”, which she created in 2008. Her new album, “Practice Chanter” came out in April 2019, and uses her harmonies and crosstalk as a sort of song manual, a method for exploring her voice. We’ll be able to discover it during a concert in unknown lands organized during the Voix De Femmes Festival.

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