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Tomoko Sauvage is a Japanese musician and sound artist who currently lives in Paris. For the last ten years, Tomoko Sauvage has played the “waterbowl” a “natural synthesizer” she invented herself, combining water, ceramics and electronics. The drops, waves and bubbles she plays with ring in the bowls of water and are amplified by hydrophones (underwater microphones) and create feedback forming undulating drones and natural harmonics following the place’s resonance. By investing in raw materials through playful gestures, Tomoko Sauvage improves and interacts with the environment where her playing has a delicate balance between randomness and mastery. “Musique Hydromantique” (2017), her last album published with Shelter Press, makes reference to hydromance, a form of ancient divination practiced using water. Join us to change up your musical habits through an extraordinary sound dive with Tomoko Sauvage at the 14th edition of the Voix De Femmes Festival.

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