30 October

Raising the roof + author meeting

Lesbian, trans and queer spaces, yesterday and today
  • Cinema
  • Meeting

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Raising the Roof : 2 PM or 4 PM.

Duration : 30min

Meeting (in French) : 5 PM

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30 October

CPCR - Centre PolyCulturel Résistances
Jonruelle, 11
4000 Liège

An afternoon to reflect on women-only spaces based on the experiences of lesbian spaces: real or fantasy, historical or contemporary practices. We will look for paths to desirable futures, where everyone has a place.

Raising the roof

On 18 October 1978, the San Francisco Examiner announced the founding of a very special construction company: the Seven Sisters Construction Company, a collective of female carpenters, who, at the time, attracted a lot of media attention. Inspired by the ideas of the Women’s Movement, the Seven Sisters wanted to smash the professional discrimination from which women suffered and prove their talents. After a short period in the Unions, where they faced hostility from most men, they decided to create their own company. 

This documentary, which was made in 2005 by  Françoise Flamant & Veronica Selver, introduces us to the members of “this group of crazy women who did big things together”. It was distributed by the Simone de Beauvoir audio-visual centre.

Author meeting

A meeting with Emilie Martineau (aka Charlotte de Bruges), author of research on lesbian bars in Brussels: where do the desire and the need to create lesbian and queer spaces and times come from? What are the challenges, the initiatives, the projects and the desires for lesbian, trans and queer spaces in Brussels and Liège?

Portrait d'Emilie Martineau

A dyke and queer, Emilie Martineau left Paris and the France of the Manif Pour Tous (a French anti-marriage equality organisation) in 2013 to move to Brussels with her spouse. An online militant going...

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