Wednesday, October 23

Please note that this will be a French-speaking event.


We have given Cécile carte blanche with her “L’eau du ciel #2” exhibition, to be held as part of the festival programme, and the artists she has chosen to invite along bring a whole new dimension to the research carried out on the boat, highlighting three key factors that featured heavily in her research, namely colour, landscape and abstraction.

What is the link between science and art when it comes to colour? Cécile Barraud de Lagerie invites designer and biologist Marie-Sarah Adenis and plastic artist Pernelle Poyet to explore this broad topic.

Marie Sarah Adénis (FR)

Marie Sarah and the rest of the team at Pili, the biotechnological firm she co-founded, are developing a new method for manufacturing colours and colourings from bacteria and enzymes using a fermentation process.

Pernelle Poyet (FR)

The issue of colour is central to Pernelle’s design approach in terms of both the material (in this case varnish, ceramic, glass, etc.) and the issues raised by the various theories pertaining to colour.