Thursday, October 10

These first concerts in this latest edition bridging the Atlantic will feature one Inuit performer and two French, though any notion of geographical boundaries will be well and truly challenged by this colourful evening performance and the magnetic soundtrack that will accompany it.

Tanya Tagaq (CA)

Tanya Tagaq’s music is nothing like anything you will have ever heard before, and watching her perform live is a powerful experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Originating from the Arctic, she is not only an improvisational performer but also a trailblazing composer and experimental artist, combining kattajaq (traditional Inuit throat song – a technique that she taught herself) with both jazz and indeed heavy metal in a performance guaranteed to transcend all musical boundaries.

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Osilasi (BE/FR)

Osilasi (meaning “oscillation” in Indonesian) is a musical project that has been run jointly by harpist Léa Roger (of Guili Guili Goulag and Félon fame) and percussionist and vocalist Célia Jankowski (Vitas Guerulaïtis, Flies Rattle and Collectif H.A.K.), incorporating both traditional and experimental influences and consequently oscillating between interiority and physicality with an omnipresent sense of tension and life on the edge.

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