Tuesday, October 22

The sounds of Egypt and the Netherlands will be treating us to an evening of captivating, bold and powerful beats designed to make the world a better place…

Nadah El Shazly (EG)

Hailing from Cairo’s independent music scene, Nadah El Shazly’s work truly defies both genres and eras. Her first album, Ahwar (meaning ‘marshes’), released in 2017, is straight out of another world, offering an unusual but magnificent mix of Arabic prose, jazz, noise, hip-hop, psychedelia and experimental electro guaranteed to haunt you for a long time to come.

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Flowers (NL)

Amsterdam-based stoner rock duo Flowers was born of a project initiated in 2015 by singer and guitarist Roos Pollmann and drummer Judith van Oostrum, Their first concept album, Doom City, released in September 2019, conjures up images of an isolated and deserted industrial area in decline, located amid an empty, destitute desert. A metaphor for the patriarchy and the binary gender system, Doom City must perish in order to make way for a new way of life. Quite an agenda, then!

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