Wednesday, October 23

Sudanese-American artist Alsarah and Turk Derya Yildirim draw on their respective backgrounds to break down cultural and language barriers by combining traditional repertoires with soft retro accents and contemporary sounds to the accompaniment of their truly cosmopolitan band.

Derya Yildirim & Grup Şimşek (TR)

Turkish artist Derya Yildirim’s first album, Kar Yağar, was released in the spring and incorporates elements of folk, jazz, funk and sometimes even pop, but above all psychedelia, opening with a mesmerising cocktail that will whisk you away on a captivating journey through the high plains of Anatolia.

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Alsarah & the Nubatones (SD/US)

Author, composer, performer and ethnomusicologist Alsarah comes to us straight out of Brooklyn, New York, though it is her homeland of Sudan that provides her real musical inspiration. Since the Nubatones were founded in 2010, she has had the opportunity to establish herself as the queen of African retro-pop and has proven on countless occasions that the spirit transcends all cultural and language barriers.

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