Tuesday, October 15

Please note that this will be a French-speaking event.

This two-part evening event will look at the particular and often highlighted role that women played in the “gilets jaunes” (“yellow vest”) movement, with a guided tour of the Jaune – Regards sur un mouvement contestataire contemporain (“Yellow – Perspectives on a Modern-Day Protest Movement”) exhibition at the Chiroux cultural centre to be followed by an aperitif and group listening session at the Centre PolyCulturel Résistances.

The programme for the evening will include a reading by Aurélie William Levaux and a selection of podcasts featuring the voices of and witness accounts by women involved in the protest movement. The evening will be followed by a discussion.

This is a CPCR/Centre PolyCulturel Résistances event, as part of the Voix de Femmes Festival and TempoColor.