Friday, October 25

Please note that this will be a French-speaking event.

© Livre aux Trésors

It started with a play – Où est Alice? by Compagnie Paulette Godart -, a social thriller looking at the meaning (or lack thereof) of our relationship with work, among other issues. Voix De Femmes has, in its wake, been holding a series of workshops since 2018 in which groups of women are invited to collectively challenge and reclaim ownership of the issue, which has been incorporated into the festival to provide a little food for thought…

Now a regular event at Livre aux Trésors, L’affaire de tou·te·s provides a relaxed and welcoming opportunity to share and enjoy a variety of feminist texts based on one fundamental principle that makes this such a great event, namely rediscovering your favourite bookshops with texts you want to share with others and/or checking out other people’s literary favourites.

All types of literature are welcome, from essays and novels to children’s books, diaries, journals and everything in between.

The event will also incorporate a series of short sound bites for the first time, as well as being based on a theme, this theme being work, in all its guises.

For the comfort of all participants, registration is essential.