October 10 to 26

Please note that this will be a French-speaking event.

détail © Cécile Barraud de Lagerie

Multi-faceted colourist, illustrator and designer Cécile Barraud de Lagerie, who specialises in colours, prints and woven fabrics for the textile and fashion industries, crossed the Atlantic Ocean aboard a container ship travelling from Antwerp to Miami as part of her Curieuse Résidence at Voix De Femmes in 2018.

The “L’eau du ciel #2” exhibition offers an insight into her colour-based research inspired by this journey and the unique visual and sensory experience it gave her and provides an opportunity to (re)discover the publication released as a result of her trip, comprising a leporello of abstract landscapes produced based on the research she carried out aboard the cargo ship and printed using a Risograph.

Carte blanche

© Agustina Peluffo

We have given Cécile carte blanche with this exhibition, to be held as part of the festival programme, and the artists she has chosen to invite along bring a whole new dimension to the research carried out on the boat, highlighting three key factors that featured heavily in her research, namely colour, landscape and abstraction.

The exhibition will comprise the following three parts:
>> Chemistry/poetry: living colour
An opportunity to meet Marie-Sarah Adenis and Pernelle Poyet, where colour and art meet science.
>> Moving colours
Two workshops designed to give children the opportunity to explore the world of colour illusion.
>> Electronic landscapes
An invitation to immerse yourself in sound as you spend your siesta time in the company of two of the great masters of experimentation – Tomoko Sauvage and Félicia Atkinson.

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