Sunday, October 20

Two of the great masters of experimentation when it comes to siesta time – Tomoko Sauvage and Félicia Atkinson – will each, in their own unique way, be taking us on a journey of discovery through a series of unique audio spaces that will immerse participants in a whole new world of sound.

Félicia Atkinson (FR)

As a plastic artist, poet, musician and performer, among other things, Félicia Atkinson certainly has plenty of strings to her bow, not to mention a sound palette inspired by the history of electronic and musique concrète, as well as field recordings and improvisation.

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Tomoko Sauvage (JP)

Musician and sound artist Tomoko Sauvage has been playing the ‘waterbowl’ – a ‘natural synthesiser’ she invented herself using water, ceramic and electronics, for the past decade or so, using hydrophones (underwater microphones) to amplify the sounds of the droplets, waves and bubbles that she creates in bowls of water and create rippling drones and natural harmonics reflecting the surrounding resonance.

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