Tuesday, October 15

Please note that this will be a French-speaking event.

Mary MacLane © Wikicommons

French native Mireille Havet, being scandalously annoying and fascinating feminist pioneer, lesbian and drug addict who have turned her life into a story and that story into a production that defies all conventions.
This performance will feature Mary McLane and Mireille Havet, both unusual and little-known figures of 20th-century literature, in a dialogue involving Mireille Havet’s publisher.


Claire Paulhan (FR)

Publisher Claire founded the publishing company that bears her name, and now has a catalogue of some fifty or so titles that might be categorised as “autobiographical literature” under its belt, in 1996, going on to publish the personal diary of forgotten 1920s French poet Mireille Havet in 2003. 

Claire Paulhan / Website / Facebook

Hélène Frappat had to cancel her participation. She is an author, translator, philosopher and cinema critic. In 2018, she translated for the Editions du Sous-sol “I Await the Devil’s Coming”, Mary McLane’s autobiography published in 1902 in the United States, and signed its preface.

In collaboration with Livre aux Trésors!