Thursday, October 17

Please note that this will be a French-speaking event.

14 juin 2019 : Grève des femmes suisses, 14 juin 2019 (Source)© Mehdi Benkler


It started with a play – Où est Alice? by Compagnie Paulette Godart -, a social thriller looking at the meaning (or lack thereof) of our relationship with work, among other issues. Voix De Femmes has, in its wake, been holding a series of workshops since 2018 in which groups of women are invited to collectively challenge and reclaim ownership of the issue, which has been incorporated into the festival to provide a little food for thought… 

It is something we are all faced with, regardless of whether or not we have it and whether we do it in the public or private sector, and this listening session will include two audio pieces designed to encourage audiences to collectively challenge the notion of work – what to say about it, what to do about it and more importantly who partakes in it.