Monday, October 14

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Alethea Arnaquq-Baril’s first documentary (2011) brings us a film that is both intimate and political in equal measure.
Having been banned for nearly a century, traditional Inuit facial tattoos (tunniit) have all but faded from memory, and the filmmaker sets out here on a journey to meet the Inuit communities of the Arctic in an attempt to shed some light on the mysteries of this ancestral tradition and revive its significance.

Together with old friend and activist Aaju Peter, the pair gather stories from elders about this once-popular female art form before embracing and experiencing the practice themselves.
Past and present come together here in this intimate account of the two women’s personal journeys towards self-emancipation and cultural understanding.

Before and after the film:

Alix Nyssen, an art historian specialising in the artification of tattoo, will be introducing the film and facilitating the discussion that will follow the screening.