This year, the Voix de Femmes festival is turning 30! And the team has chosen, for this 15th edition, to Dis/continue. Throughout the programme, we will examine our heritage: what we want to cherish, transform, or stop. And what we want, in turn, to share and pass on.

And with whom we want to share it: for the first time, this year we will try to capture new frequencies by offering bilingual and/or translated events in sign language. We’ve put on several activities designed specifically for kids, and for their parents, there will be crèches on request in the afternoons.

This year, we’ll be focussing on healthy and liberating anger: feminist self-defence, violence, strength, sisterhood and relief. With Mémoires Vives, we will consider once again the eminently political voices of the International Network of Mothers, Spouses and Sisters of the Disappeared, which was part of the festival between 2000 and 2009.

We’ll dance, sing, shout, and perhaps even cry a little at the concerts, and we will immerse ourselves in others’ choirs.

It will also be about passing something on in the kaleidoscopic sense of the term: of our stories, of the great Story. By redesigning it with Rebecca Ann Rosen, by collectively questioning the category "World Music" and by lifting the veil on the first major stage of Ma Soeur, Mon Amour.

Finally, overall, it will be about love. And joy. Because we have also inherited a sense of celebration, you see. In short: put little hearts in your diaries, we're coming!