Practical info

1. Venues

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1.1 General

Voix de Femmes is a nomad, and has set up its festival at a range of cultural venues across Liege. The venue of each event will appear on its specific page. To access it, go to the programme.

1.2 Adresses

KulturA. / Galerie Rature
Rue Roture, 13
4020 Liège

Barricade / Librairie Entre-temps
Rue Pierreuse, 15
4000 Liège

Livre aux Trésors
Place Xavier Neujean, 27/A
4000 Liège

La Grande Ourse
Rue Maghin, 95
4000 Liège

CC Les Chiroux
Place des Carmes, 8
4000 Liège

Cercle du Laveu
Rue des Wallons, 45
4000 Liège

Manège Fonck
Rue Ransonnet, 2
4020 Liège

Cinéma Le Parc
Rue Paul-Jospeh Carpay, 22
4020 Liège

Cafétéria Collective Kali
Rue Saint-Thomas, 32
4000 Liège

CPCR - Centre Polyculturel Résistances
Jonruelle, 11
4000 Liège

La Chaufferie - Acte 1
Rue Jean-Baptiste Cools, 14
4000 Liège

2. Prices, tickets, registrations

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2.1 Prices policy

For some events there’s a set price, others you pay what you want (PWYW). The four parts of the exhibition are free to enter.

For most paid events, we offer three different prices, which you are free to choose according to your situation and means, without any justification needed: a solidarity price (lower - a small gift for you), a medium price, and a support price (higher - a small gift for us). Other events only have one price, which is as democratic as possible. All events with a set price are accessible to Article 27 ticket holders.

As the name suggests, it’s you who gets to decide you much you pay: the price you deem fair, what you can afford, or a support price that helps us in our work. PWYW prices can be paid online or on-the-spot in cash, before or after the activity, in a small box for payment. Please note that in both cases it is strongly recommended that you reserve your spot in advance.

2.2 Pass

No, there are no passes for this edition. The health context has made room management a lot more complicated, and you now need to buy or reserve each place separately. We thank you for your understanding♥

2.3 Presales

In our online ticket shop, in person and in cash at the bookshop Livre aux Trésors in Liege, or on entry to the event (if there are any tickets left, of course).

Please note that Article 27 tickets can only be purchased at Livre aux Trésors or on-the-spot at the event (once again, if there are tickets left).

2.4 On site tickets

It’s €2 more for each price, except Article 27.

For the screening of Les Nouvelles Guérillères on 19th November, the normal prices of Les Grignoux will be applied on entry.

2.5 Workshops

The workshops are all PWYW, but only accessible to those who have signed up in advance: this can also be done in our online ticket shop, or at Livre aux Trésors.

A small exception: for the Collectif Marthe workshop, please email

3. Accessibility

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3.1 How does it work ?

In the programme, the filters are there to help you easily identify access for people with reduced mobility, activities in sign language (French Sign Language or Belgian French Sign Language), activities accessible to children and possible childcare facilities.

If an activity is single-gender or has prerequisites, we will indicate this in the description.

If you have any doubts or questions, please contact Mélanie at, or call us or leave us a message at +32 4 257 48 17

3.2 Special needs

A seated place at a seated concert, to know you’ll definitely be sat facing the interpreter... For us to make your life as easy as possible, don’t hesitate to let us know what you need.

Write to Mélanie  at or call +32 4 257 48 17.

4. COVID policy

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4.1 Adjustments

We’ve chosen to adapt our programme: less music and more everything else, artists originally from all over, but based not far from us. But always only projects that we love.

For the rest, you know the drill: handwashing facilities will be provided, and we ask you not to come if you feel unwell. Each venue will adapt to the appropriate rules in place. For a festival on a human scale like ours, so far so good.

4.2 Cancellation policy

One thing is for sure, we won’t postpone anything. So, in the event of a cancellation on your part: if you bought your ticket, we’ll automatically refund you by bank transfer. If you bought your ticket in person at Livre aux Trésors, you’ll need to write to us to send us your details.

4.3 Dernières nouvelles

Nous publions les informations au fur et à mesure, lorsqu'elle sont confirmées : dans la rubrique News de ce site, mais aussi sur nos réseaux sociaux.

Nos différents communiqués :

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18.10.2021 > Festival Jour 5 → Covid-19, Episode 4

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08.10.2021 > Festival J-6  Covid-19, Episode 2

29.09.2021 > Festival J-16  Covid-19, Episode 1

5. Something else ?

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For any other issue or information, write to us at We’re also reachable - but not all the time - by phone at +32 4 257 48 14.