Voix De Femmes is a multidisciplinary festival founded and organised by its eponymous association, taking place every other year in October in Liège, Belgium.

Since its inception in 1991, it has showcased the work of women artists (people identifying as such). A positioning which remains necessary, but also rooted in an understanding of gender inequalities of the time. Perspectives have since evolved, and Voix De Femmes has broadened its awareness to the visibility and representations of gender minorities.

The festival is flexible in its approach and welcomes all artistic forms. Creating spaces where these can meet, be confronted, and respond to each other, but also allow them to cross with other fields such as social sciences and activism, and much more!

An overview of previous editions can be found on the association's website.

The last time we met at the festival was our anniversary (30 years!). For the occasion, we had set out to explore our heritages – those we hold dear, those we need to free ourselves from, those we want to build, share, and pass on. And we realised how far we were from having covered the whole question. So, this year, we thought about “Esprit de Suite” (aka continuity) as a starting point for this edition: further development of ideas, perseverance - and enthusiasm of course. Even if it means hammering away (it does help lay off the steam).

We have again selected (with love) artists who come from different disciplines, practices, cultural horizons, and who illuminate the links between our collective and personal stories with guts, determination, poetry, and humour:

We also once again left the reins of programming to those who will reign from their respective disciplines. An edition including three freely curated programmes this year: the resounding introduction of stand-up into the festival with the Atout Comedy Club, an immersion into the Chaabi repertoire of northern Morocco guided by Laïla Amezian, and – last but not least – the flamboyant closing night entrusted to Bledarte and Who's That Girl?

We have chosen projects that will make us sing, dance and/or shiver.

We have been cooking all of this in great company (our partners are truly wonderful), and now we're just waiting to share it all with you. In order for us to find one another (again) in the best way possible, this edition will again include a selection of programmes accessible in sign language, and children-friendly moments. We try to make physical accessibility clear and keep prices as low as possible.

See you very soon!
To be continued…