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Catherine Wilkin

  • Performance

An actress and author, Catherine Wilkin trained at the Conservatory of Liege and debuted alongside Mathias Simons, Dino Corradini, Arsenic2 and Sylvain Daï. Winner of the Minister of Secondary Education prize (Huy 2012) for the piece Personne ne bouge, Tout le monde descend ! of which she is the author, performer, and director, she also teaches at ESAS Helmo, the higher school that trains future social workers and specialised educators.

Alongside Laura Persain, in 2014 she founded the Paulette Godart company: they became our Curious Resident in 2017 with the project Pépi and brought the project Où est Alice ? to the Théâtre de Liège two years later. Since 2015, they have both directed the event la langue française en fête/Celebrate French, a day dedicated to the artistic practices within the organisations of the city of Liege. She also runs theatre and writing workshops for so-called ‘vulnerable’ people as tools for self-assertion and self-affirmation. In 2019, she also joined the Voix de Femmes team as head of the Continuing Education project.