Les Vulves Assassines

  • Music

Les Vulves Assassines consists of DJ Conant on voice and synths, MC Vieillard on sampler and Sam on electric guitar. The list of their inspirations is as long as it is disparate: electro, rap, new wave, cumbia, drum and bass... Les Vulvas address, in French and in flowery vocabulary,  important subjects, which leave a mark and annoy, such as: unemployment, the state of emergency, consent, abortion, the Commune, big muscles, and of course, love. Because Les Vulves Assassines is also a hope for a better, fairer world, a world where Pierre Gattaz - and a few others - will quietly raise goats in the Larzac instead of screwing up our lives. A world that they are already building, asserting themselves loud and clear in a hyper-masculinised musical universe. Their first album, soberly titled Godzilla 3000 (2019), includes the grunts of a monster that is about to devour everything.