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Lylybeth Merle

  • Performance

Originally from Strasbourg and having trained at the Gabriel Fauré Conservatory in Paris, Lylybeth Merle was introduced to various care techniques alongside professor Solène Fiumani: meditation, tai chi and movement studies, acupuncture, and lithotherapy. Living in Brussels since 2014, she is studying on a theatre course at INSAS. In 2016, she co-created On se retrouve demain, a performance show addressing identity-based prejudice and racism. She has a role in The Islands by Yann Gonzalez, a short film selected at the critics' week at the Cannes Film Festival, and which won the Queer Palm in 2017. Always very much in touch with the issue of care, she co-created a sensory performance in 2019 with the collective Ephémère.

In 2020, she began her gender transition and took her new name, Lylybeth. This is a change that she places at the heart of her work in a desire to pass on, but also to affirm. As her queer drag alter-ego of the same name, she puts on various performances (Les rêves de Lylybeth, Dysmorphia, La danse des oiseaux, Hippocampe) and the Lilith project.