Milena Strange

Maïa Chauvier

  • Performance

Trained as an actress, Maïa Chauvier has been immersed in Russian/Roma poetry and music since childhood by her family of Polish, Russian and Belarusian Jewish origin. The plains of Spain, Morocco, the hills of southern France and Latin America were to take her on her journeys. She created Récital Boxon with the composers and singers Johannes Vogele and David Marolito as a teller and gleaner of poems and songs, without any kind of ‘school’. Their first album, Elle frappe la terre rouge, brings together (among others) the musicians Jonathan Deneck, Gwenaël Francotte, Aurélie Charneux, Vincent Robin and Pascal Hauben. She took part in the project Passeo at the Voix de Femmes Festival #7 in 2005 and paired her texts with the voices of the singers Amparo Cortez, Isnelle Da Silveira, Véronique Delemelle and Anissa Rouassi. Her political approach permeates the many initiatives she carries out as a facilitator of theatre, writing and spoken word workshops.