17 October

Born in flames

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80 min.

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17 October

Cercle du Laveu
Rue des Wallons, 45
4000 Liège

It’s New York, the tenth anniversary of the Social-Democratic War of Liberation, but many women aren’t in a celebrating mood. At the call of the Women's Army, groups of activists join together in a shifting, non-hierarchical and rebellious network that baffles the FBI. They are led by black and lesbian women. Organised into anti-macho militias, they parade through the streets on roller skates and take over free radio stations. 
Born in flames, which came out in 1983, is a monument to feminist and political sci-fi. In a documentary style, it shows an alternative socialist American democracy, a society in which the institutions are at the same time racist, classist and sexist. As often happens, the acuity of fiction sheds light on reality... and explosively, in this case.
A collaborative programme by Cercle du Laveau.


An American director born in 1958 in Detroit, Lizzie Borden made her first feature-length film, Regrouping, in 1976. She paints an experimental portrait of a lesbian support group on the verge of coll...

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