17 October


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18:30 : show

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17 October

Rue Roture, 13
4020 Liège

Very widely used in the Middle East, the qanun ("the law" in Arabic) is the main instrument in Eastern music. It's an ancestral instrument that has inspired many others since its creation, probably in the 9th century BC. And it quickly fascinated the Palestinian multi-instrumentalist Christine Zayed. In her solo project, she accompanies this instrument beautifully on vocals, transporting us between the classical repertoire (Palestinian, Arabic and Turkish) and her own compositions. A synthesis of her exceptional career and her innumerable musical influences - among which the great Oum Kalthoum figures prominently - , philosophical and political, an unprecedented beauty in which we would like to bathe every Sunday of our lives.

© Ashkan Noroozkhani

Born into a music-loving Palestinian family and raised between Jerusalem and Ramallah, Christine Zayed was introduced from an early age to classical and contemporary Arab music, and to traditional Pal...

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