21 October
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Expression théâtrale : la force et la violence

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14:00 > 17:00

Atelier en non-mixité : femmes et minorités de genre.

Il est indispensable d'avoir vu le spectacle Tiens ta garde.

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21 October

La Chaufferie - Acte 1
Rue Jean-Baptiste Cools, 14
4000 Liège

The Collectif Marthe’s theatre is centred on philosophical questions, theoretical texts, university writings, people’s stories... Elsa Dorlin’s essay Self-defence, a philosophy of violence punctuated their second creation: Tiens ta garde. Tiens ta garde is the story of four young women who meet up for a weekend of self-defence training: they will learn that they can fight, and, as a group, find the power to act. 

This workshop will be a chance to consider the questions that the performance asks (which bodies have the right to defend themselves? And which don’t have that right?), but also a pretext to explore on stage violence in all its forms, and to experience through the stage what secretly makes us stronger.

Jean-Louis Fernandez

Trained at the La Comédie de Saint-Etienne theatre, Clara Bonnet, Marie-Ange Gagnaux, Aurélia Lüscher and Itto Mehdaoui founded the Collectif Marthe in 2018 to undertake creative work centred around ...

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