22 October
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22 October

Manège Fonck

Acting with and for the body: an evening of struggles and possibilities, with or without a voice. Dance, movement and organs as political vessels.



Krump (Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise) and slam have in common a predisposition to channel anger and to collectively transform it in the face of a complex and violent political context. To support an inner strength through the voice and/or the body. 
Fusion brings together two disciplines and two different generations. Between the lucidity lurking in the words of a mysterious, committed, enraged slam and the expressive power of krump, a street dance whose every movement transcends the verses. Fusion brings together two incandescent energies, two female performers, two black bodies. Joëlle Sambi Nzeba and Hendrickx Ntela are brought together by a common desire to no longer accept the unacceptable and to denounce social, migratory and police violence. And they produce a sizzling and poetic performance with communicative urgency. 


Organised by the Sisterhood collective and led by dancer, choreographer and activist in the Afro-Caribbean dance sector Massinda Zinga, Unmuted explores through dance contemporary issues such as the influence of representation, the weight of the past and the silence under which it has been buried for too long. 

The findings are clear: women's voices are often covered up; black voices are suppressed; black women's voices are stifled. Whether it’s for pleasure, fun or work, the black body remains dehumanised and objectified. But Sisterhood affirms and confirms it as a powerful megaphone, a way to cut through this cycle of repressed emotions and free oneself from assigned identities. Through dance, they allow for a deeper reflection on decoloniality, and invite us to consciously identify and question our social positions.

Barbara Buchmann

Joëlle Sambi Nzeba is a slam poet, novelist, author and LGBTQIA+ feminist activist. Caught at the crossroads between several merging identities, she writes and raises questions of identity, norms, and...

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Art by Malkia

Fusion — Distribution

Slam and krump creation by Joëlle Sambi Nzeba and Hendrickx Ntela, 2021.
Slam: Joëlle Sambi Nzeba
Krump: Hendrickx Ntela
Outside consultant and director: Rosa Gasquet
Soundtrack arrangement: Rokia Bamba
Production: Lezarts Urbains
Co-production: Théâtre des Doms
Co-production: Théâtre des Doms with the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, l'Atelier 210, le Centre Tour à Plomb, l'Espace Senghor and the KVS (Royal Flemish Theatre).


Unmuted - Distribution

Artists : Collectif Sisterhood
Choreographer and Art Director : Massinda Zinga
Artistic creation consultant : Chrisia Lange
Collectif Sisterhood : Massinda Zinga, Chrisia Lange, Ronel Djimadoumadji, Betina Kashiama, Marrie Abwao, Marie-Paule Mugeni, Laura Mengato, Nadège Utshinga, Cristine Tshimanga
Music by Joycie Ruba
Photos : Malkia Mutiri