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65 min.

19:30 / Doors

20:00 / Play

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27 October

Manège Fonck
Rue Ransonnet, 2
4020 Liège

An ordinary plastic box for an extraordinary destiny? Everlasting, airtight and solid, the Tupp’ (short for Tupperware) has become a myth. Coveted, looked at, touched, negotiated, this Pandora's box holds a powerful promise to transform women's lives. 

Both funny and cruel, Tupp' follows of Stéphanie Bugeaud, a nearly ordinary woman who dreams of an extraordinary destiny. A fire healer a single mother with a hard time making ends meet, she finds herself propelled into the wonderful and dizzying world of door-to-door sales. Her goal: to get by and even, why not, to succeed. To do this, she’ll have to go from silent to loud, from the shadows to the light. When she opens the lid, wounds and hidden secrets escape to give rise to a hope for a better life and a fabulous world that’s accessible to everyone. 

In this modern bilingual story (French and French Sign Language), fed by sociological research, Angélique Clairand and Géraldine Berger give form to a split identity, alienated by Tupp’ thinking: a complex system of interlocking family and professional networks, where intimacy and work are inextricably mixed.

Trained at the Comédie de Saint-Étienne School of dramatic arts in France, Angélique Clairand participates in the École des maîtres, a travelling international training program that brings together yo...

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Creation and performance: Angélique Clairand

Jeu et interprétation langue des signes : Géraldine Berger

Texte: Nasser Djemaï

Directed by: Hervé Dartiguelongue

Assistant director: Cécile Bournay

Artistic collaboration in object handling: Cécile Briand

Collaboration in story collection: Alix Denambride

Dramaturgy: Christine Durif-Bruckert et Catherine Ailloud-Nicolas

Scenography: Anouk Dell'Aiera

Set construction: Nicolas Hénault and Sylvain Tardy,

with the support of the Comédie de Saint-Etienne - National Drama Centre workshops

Costumes: Marie-Frédérique Fillion

Lighting design: Yoann Tivoli

Sound design: Antoine Richard

General management and sound: Orane Duclos

Lighting management: Julien Louisgrand and Sylvain Tardy (alternating)

Stage management: Nicolas Hénault and Simon Lambert-Bilinski (alternating)

Administration & Production : Aliaksandra Startsava

Photography: Jean-Louis Fernandez

Co-production Lumas Company, Comédie de Valence – National Drama Centre Drôme Ardèche, Scène Nationale 61 of Alençon, Flers and Mortagne, Théâtre La Mouche of Saint-Genis Laval, Théâtre Théo Argence of Saint-Priest, l’Amphithéâtre of Pont-de-Claix.

With the support of the General Council of the Loire, La Trame of Saint-Jean Bonnefonds, Théâtre de la Renaissance of the Metropolis of Lyon, Groupe des 20 of Rhône-Alpes.