J-16 Festival → covid-19 point, episode 1.

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Like you, we’re aware of the decision of the Walloon Region on 23/09 to make the Covid Safe Ticket and its systematic use mandatory to participate in cultural events bigger than 50 people (more info).

As other colleagues have expressed in an open letter (and whose words we echo), we share the view that the CST "is a mechanism contrary to all the values upheld by the culture that:

  • Guarantees a safe space for freedom of expression and opinion.
  • Ensures effective democratisation by allowing access for everyone."

With other actors from the cultural sector in Liège, we are thinking about positions and tools that could lessen, at least partially (small audiences, mask wearing and hygiene measures, free testing), the impacts of the CST on the activities that we organise and the background work that we do on the ground to promote the participation of all in our Festival. We will inform you of decisions as they are made on our site and on social media.

And if the CST is put in place anyway and prevents you from participating?

If you booked tickets before the announcement by the  regional government confirming the CST requirement (i.e., up until 23 September, inclusive) and this prevents you from participating, you can contact us to request cancellation of your tickets and a refund. We must receive this request by the night before the event at the latest, by email at contact@voixdefemmes.org.

Any request for cancellation of tickets bought after 23 September will not be granted.