Roudoudou Social Club

Roudoudou Social Club: details for childcare and play areas

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Various childcare options provided by our Roudoudou Social Club, will be available during the festival: play areas designed to welcome children aged 0 to 14. Children will be looked after by professional babysitters and/or professional youth facilitators, assisted by volunteers, who will take the time to find out about any needs your children may have.

1) At the Grande Ourse Bookshop: a space at your disposal

Wednesday 11 October

during the Moomins’ Thrill programme

The bilingual readings (oral French / LSFB - French Belgian Sign Language) of the Moomins will only be accessible to children aged 4 to 7. For older children, the youngest ones and their accompanying adults, a cosy area (reading, warm drinks, drawing space...) will be available at the back of the La Grande Ourse bookshop.

2) At the Manège Fonck: two spaces with facilitators

For the little ones, there are mats, early-learning games, books, a changing table, deckchairs and beds for toddlers, a breastfeeding chair and the option to heat bottles or food.

And for older children there are books, collaborative wood playsets, self-expression games and a creative arts and crafts area.

To get to the space, follow the signs from reception! Near the reception, you'll also find a place to park your buggies.

Wednesday 11 October from 5 to 7pm

during Les Confins du Monde/The Edge of the World programme

The bilingual (spoken French / LSBF - French Belgian Sign Language) Roudoudou space will be open from 5 to 7pm, under the responsibility of a professional and a signatory.

Saturday 14 October

during the Chaabi Transe Express programme

The Roudoudou space will be open from 12:30pm to 5:30pm, under the responsibility of two professionals and two volunteers.