Céline Scoyer
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Céline Scoyer

  • Stand-up

A graduate of the Brussels Conservatory and the Centre for Theatrical Studies, Céline writes for theatre and radio. From 2010 to 2012, she participated in the Ateliers de la chanson (Lyrics Workshop) of the performance and writing departments. Between 2014 and 2017, she has written humour columns under the pseudonym Une Blonde à Bruxelles (A blond girl in Brussels). Nobody recognized her and that’s for the best!

In 2018, she published the short story Hamleteke with Editions Lamiroy.

Then she had two children, and everything stopped for a while. In 2021, her desire to explore more personal subjects has pushed her to start stand-up. Or maybe it was because lockdown and postpartum depression followed each other, or maybe it’s all of it, in any case, she took up the mic, and since then, has been juggling life as a mother and life on stage the way she canwants.