Kabareh Cheikhats
©Fabienne Pennewaert

Kabareh Cheikhats

  • Workshop
  • Performance

Kabareh Cheikhats presents a unique performance at the intersection of traditional music, theatre, music-hall, exploring gender identities and Moroccan society.

By interpreting a repertoire of popular Moroccan folk heritage covering a period spanning several centuries, its members honour the cheikhats, these free but marginalised women who voice the stories of their time through music and dance. The interpretation of the artists of Kabareh Cheikhats goes beyond the musical repertoire: it pays homage to a part of culture that is often neglected, also addressing taboos still alive in contemporary society.

 Initially thought of as a theatre play, the Kabareh Cheikhats finally became a musical performance and has multiplied private and public appearances, in Morocco, Europe and the United States.

In this edition of the festival, we welcome a performance developed in collaboration with Belgian-Moroccan singer Laïla Amezian, one of the guest curators of this edition.