La Mòssa
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La Mòssa

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La Mòssa is formed by Emmanuelle Ader, Sara Giommetti, Aude Marchand and Lilia Ruocco: four heads filled with ideas determined to free themselves from the codes of traditional music by drawing on their respective influences and to achieve, together, a perpetual movement, a truly polyphonic and percussive whirlwind.

Fed at the very source of traditional repertoires to polish a gem of a first album (A moss’! was released in 2019), they continue growing strong by enriching the project with numerous original compositions. Each member of the group participates in this great musical feast, which is at once subtle, feverish, and socially engaged.

A variety of tastes coming from many places blend: the originality of Southern Italy’s soil, the sweet and spicy words from the island of La Reunion, poet Garcia Lorca’s Spain, strong and vocal Occitania... added to hybrid reinterpretations of pieces from Sweden, Venezuela, and Puglia.

Their next album will be released in Fall 2023.

Emmanuelle Ader: voice & percussion

Sara Giommetti: voice & percussion

Aude Marchand: voice & percussion

Lilia Ruocco: voice & percussion
Charles Mathieu: sound

Guillaume Tarnaud: Light