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Psst Mlle Graduates

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Saturday the 6th of October 3 'Graduates' of Psst Mlle's Dj Class of 2023 will invite you to Start Dancing the night away.

As Psst Mlle organised a DJ workshop the past months, a whole lot of different artists with different vibes got to know each other and explore their styles.

3 of them are taking them away with you into their musical journey. 

Luze (They/Them) has a plan to share some ‘Schlaggy’ vibes with their favourite Italodisco Tunes in the Slagheaps of Liège (

Babeth b2b Tempeltheuf
They travels between vibrant sounds and all-terrain sophisti-pop, they passing from raggaeton to dembow, shatta and other sweets in good company. They aim to make your booty shake horizontally and vertically "the sound goes boom tchack and boom boom tchack"


With this great range of Sounds & Beats, they’ll set the mood for what is sure to be a hot, Love-Liberating Soirée at Liège.