Space Baby Madcha
©Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle


  • Music

“Anything that I find difficult to articulate or structure in real life, I express in my music.

My art is a summary of my intuitions, life’s serendipity, and my emotions. I consider myself as non-binary and so is my music. There are no boxes to tick. Only self-expression."

November 2021 saw the release of their first EP, "NEW ERA", on which they explored hard trap and hyperpop. "CYCLES", the new EP from SPACEBABYMADCHA (aka. SBM) will be released on November 18th. This second EP has a cleaner and more commercial sound. A conscious choice on the part of SPACEBABYMADCHA, who believes that authenticity and accessibility are not incompatible.


They use juicy trap music and melodic vocals with a layer of autotune to convey a message that is both witty and sensual. “I try to avoid toxic positivity,” they tell Knack Focus: “Dark feelings need to be processed, not suppressed. By acknowledging these emotions, we get to know ourselves, and what we want, better. If everyone dared to do that, the world would definitely be a very different planet."

SPACEBABYMADCHA sees music as a vehicle to share their vision, motivate crowds and support the creation of a more loving and inclusive society.

Watch SBM THE DOCU on YouTube.